Amici Treks


“A small personalized company, where you are not just one of the multitude but a valued customer. “

Placed a few meters from the Ring Road, Amici Treks is your ultimate far away home with the hospitality Nepali people have been known for. We assure you that, the Magnificent, Captivating, Beautiful, Splendid nature of Nepal will be sensed like never before. Either its about the blithe sensation of Annapurna Base Camp or the short hikes, Amici Treks will satisfy your Hunger for adventure. Maybe that is why we have so high rates of return clients. Because they can rely on the quality and smooth running of the trip. Our professional guides and high success rate in completing trips and summits all over the areas we operate. We don’t compete for the cheapest price – nobody wins that one. We won’t be millionaires but we love what we do and so do our clients. We don’t spend a lot on marketing and our overheads are low, so our trips are very well resourced in the field and competitively priced.

Why Amici Treks And Expeditions?

Some of the trips are aimed at people with little or no experience, while other trips require some, or even a lot of, previous experience. This way there is a progression for people to follow and we try to offer a new trip each year to give our return clients something new and interesting. So from first footsteps in the outdoors to the summit of Mt Everest we do it all. 




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